Broken Sand Dollar

Based on true events, Broken Sand Dollar is a harrowing journey through the aftermath of a college spring break trip that went horribly wrong. A life-changing encounter with sexual violence left Elizabeth with traumatic memories that began to spin out of control three decades later.   Past and present merge, including a reunion trip with those same old college friends to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

One of four devious, powerful men had originally implanted the suggestion that Elizabeth would forget the awful event for thirty years, and Elizabeth’s guilt, shame, and self-recrimination kept her from sharing her story with anyone. But gradually, inevitably, pieces of the original trauma started floating into her consciousness, disrupting her carefully crafted existence and threatening her sanity.

Elizabeth began to put together clues that revealed her abusers, four well-connected Ivy Leaguers now in positions of power and influence, who had been surfacing in her life at key moments and appeared determined to destroy her. Worlds collide, culminating in a flood of memories and an unexpected ending to Elizabeth’s decades-long nightmare.